We are very selective and picky in what we choose to publish. Preference is given to authors whose work we know, and experienced authors whose work has been published elsewhere. Very rarely do we publish the work of first time authors or books that are "mainstream". We prefer non-fiction books that your average publisher would find too controversial, or with too narrow an audience. For fiction, we will only consider reprints and possibly original fiction if it is a continuation (series work) of a novel we reprinted. So never before published fiction will be hard, if not impossible, to place with us. We accept no unsolicited manuscripts. As with all rules there is an exception. The exception to this is DB Publishing, where we will consider first time authors without agents or invitations to submit.

Darkerwood Publishing Group: darkerwoodpublishing [at]

DB Publishing & Official Melissa Press: ofs.admin [at]

Midnight Fantasy Press: midnightfantasypress [at]

Mailing Address: PO Box 2011, Arvada, CO 80001

If you need a phone or fax number, please contact us first via email using one of the addresses above.