About Darkerwood Publishing Group

Darkerwood Publishing Group was started in 1995 by Kim Anderson to publish niche and short-run printings of odd non-fiction and unique niche books by experts.

In 2006, Darkerwood Publishing Group started to publish more than one title a year thanks to available POD technology.

2006 also heralds our first attempt at publishing fiction with S.J. Reisner's Sorcerers' Twilight Series starting with the paperback reprint of the highly acclaimed, Left Horse Black, and a paperback reprint of Dana Reed's terrifying mystery Unholy Alliance.

In May of 2006, long time editor for Darkerwood, S. Connolly, helped to open a new horizon for Darkerwood Publishing Group, by introducing DB Publishing, our occult, spirituality, and religion imprint. In 2010 we added Midnight Fantasy Press, our erotic romance line featuring short to novel length erotic (bdsm) and erotic romance fiction.

Rest assured we are a TRADITIONAL publisher despite the fact that we sometimes use Print-On-Demand technology to bring books to our readers. This also means we PAY OUR AUTHORS, not the other way around.

While our beginnings were meager and we started out using Lulu to print many of our titles, we've evolved. While we still use Lulu for standard non-fiction hardcovers and initial releases of DB Publishing titles only, the rest of our books are printed using professional POD printing/distribution services and offset printing services. Our books are also distributed through industry standard distribution outlets like Baker & Taylor and Ingram. You will find most of our titles available through many online booksellers in both eBook and paperback. If you can't find one of our titles, contact us and we can direct you to it!

Our Editors

Michael S. Blackthorne / Tenebrae Accedit has been an editor at Darkerwood Publishing Group for 3 years. He has been a practitioner of various occult arts/spellwork for the past 40+ years. His main passions are Daemonolatry,Traditonal Witchcraft, Hoodoo and his Native American heritage. He loves the deep forests, hiking, gardening, wildlife, the darker things in life, Halloween, things that go bump in the night and Black/Death Metal. He lives in the boonies in the Adirondack Mountains of NYS with his wife,sister and various domesticated and wild pets.

Julie Caven edits for our DB Publishing imprint. A long time practitioner and avid reader, Julie has edited titles like Daemonolater's Guide to Daemonic Magick, and Wortcunning for Daemonolatry. She lives along the front range of the Rocky Mountains with her two dogs.

Wheezy Hardin has been editing for Darkerwood Publishing Group, primarily our fiction imprint, since 2011. Her sharp eye for content and a good story is why we love her! Wheezy lives in Oregon with her son and a houseful of companion animals.

Tanya Jenkins hails from Waxahachie, TX. Over the years, she has edited manuscripts for all of the Darkerwood Publishing imprints. She also does beta editing for 5 Prince Publishing. She is the lone female in a house filled with two wonderful boys and a charming husband. Though her life keeps her busy, she has reignited her love of reading by helping to polish manuscripts in her spare time.

Stephanie Reisner (S. Connolly), among being one of our prolific writers, is the senior acquisitions editor for DB Publishing, as well as our CEO, CFO, and the person who orchestrates the machine. You can read her bio on the author page under S. J. Reisner or S. Connolly.

Other Staff

Prism is our on-staff cover designer. She has opted not to include a full bio on the site, but she is worth a mention since a lot of the covers you see on the site are hers.

Frank Domovoi is Ms. Reisner's personal assistant. He handles the incoming mail, book related mailings, and office based work that would fall to the wayside otherwise.